Mind & Body Group Exercise

Basic Pilates: Practice the basic principles of Pilates combining proper form with breathing technique. Balls, weights, bands and rings may be used for an added resistance. Geared toward beginners, but all levels are welcome.

Intermediate Pilates: This class moves at a more rapid pace and will include more intermediate level pilates exercises. Equipment may be incorporated into the traditional flow of mat work for added resistance and challenge. *Pilates experience is recommended.

Senior Pilates: Lengthen muscles and strengthen the core with seated and standing Pilates movements. Chairs and props used in this class. No mat work.

Vinyasa Yoga: Yoga poses flow from one move to another in conjunction with the breath. A comfortable pace will encourage each student to work within their own levels. *Yoga experience is required.

Yoga I: Learn proper alignment, beginning yoga poses and breathing techniques. Great for beginners!

Yoga I and II: For those with some knowledge of Yoga. Learn beginning to intermediate yoga poses and breathing techniques while focusing on strength and flexibility.

Yoga II: Class focuses on an intermediate practice, including standing poses, while staying within a comfortable range. Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation: Bring balance back into your body and mind through gentle stretching, postural awareness, breathing and relaxation. Great for first timers!

Power Flow: A fitness based style of yoga that emphasizes full body strength flexibility using basic, intermediate, and advanced postures.*Yoga experience recommended

Evening Yoga: Relax and unwind after a workout or a long day. Mild stretches and restorative poses release tension and re-set your nervous system.

Tai Chi: Serenity through gentle movements connecting the mind and body; used for stress reduction and to improve health, balance and flexibility.


Mind & Body
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